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Drip irrigation tape packaging machine

Product parameters:


Packaging machine thin-film winding packaging machine Introduction:

Thin-film winding packaging machine can reduce packaging costs, facilitate storage and transportation, improve logistics efficiency, have the advantages of dust-proof, moisture-proof, etc. It is an ideal choice for upgrading product packaging grades. This equipment is based on LLDPE stretched film packaging materials, mainly for professional packaging equipment cylindrical object wrapping, easy to recycle packaging materials, reduce environmental pollution, which is one of the popular green packaging methods .

packaging machine         package


The main technical parameters:

model Packaging  specifications(MM) Turntable weight(KG) Installed capacity(KW) Pre-stretched film driving power(KW) Turntable drive power(KW) Packaging efficiency (volume/hour) Equipment size (length * width * height) weight(KG)
CRJ-500 Diameter:200-600 High:170-500 60 0.7 0.25 0.37 20-40 1460*840*1492 330 kg


drip tape    drip irrigation tape


  1. Pre-stretched film frame, pre-stretch up to 250%, automatic film feeding, AC speed control system to control film tension.
  2. PLC programmable control, touch screen panel operation, simple and clear.
  3. Automatic operation, automatic completion of the machine has set the function.

Main performance

Control system:It is PLC programmable control and man-machine interface operating system which make the packaging machine automatic operation, automatic of stop.

Winding Machine Turntable System: Rotary adjustable frequency control

Company information

Our company specialize in agriculture water saving irrigation machines and fittings, including the drip irrigation tape/pipe, micro spraying tape, fittings and valves, plastic film. Our company is one plastic machine company with 31 years of history and in the leading position of the CHINA water saving irrigation equipments filed.

We have advanced testing device and independent laboratory , and also we have professional quality control and testing team. We have got ISO9001 and CE certificate, and the quality can be assured.

We have a professional after sales service  team with a lot of experienced. And we can also provide 24 hours on line service through email, fax and other online chatting tools, so that we can provide service on machine installation and usage. We can also provide engineer to customer demand if needed.


Welcome to our company's website, thank you for your letter, we will reply to you at the first time, please leave your information and contact information!

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