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Inline flat dripper irrigation tape

Product parameters:


inline flat dripper irrigation tape

Product description

The inline flat dripper irrigation tape is a kind of method in which a pre-processed sheet-like dripper with a labyrinth flow path is heat-sealed with the inner wall of a drip irrigation belt, and a hole is formed by punching at the outlet of the dripper with a punching machine. A drip irrigation device; the shape of the drip outlet is a circular drip outlet (applicable to the ground tile) and a U drip outlet (applicable to the buried type).


  1. The dripper has a self-filtering window, which has good anti-clogging performance;
  2. Turbulence flow design, stable dripping volume;
  3. Large-section water outlet cavity to improve anti-clogging ability;
  4. Wide range of dripper spacing;
  5. Built-in chip dripper factory has been installed, reducing the cost of installing drippers, and correspondingly reducing investment costs;
  6. Single pipe laying length of 80 meters above ground level;
  7. Good corrosion resistance


drip irrigation tape

Special specifications can be customized

Maximum laying length

irrigation dripper

Remarks: 1. Water inlet pressure 0.1Mpa; 2. Can be widely used in various field crops, orchards and greenhouses; 3. It is generally flat terrain; 4. The flow rate will be about 10% deviation.


  1. Recommended working pressure is 08-0.1Mpa;
  2. Outlet;
  3. Laying neat and flat;
  4. Prevent pest bites;
  5. Irrigation water must be filtered through more than 120 meshes;
  6. Transparent drip irrigation should prevent water droplets from forming a convex mirror effect and burn the surface under sunlight.

Product attribute table

(picture) drip irrigation tape
Introduction Product Series: Inline flat dripper irrigation tape
Application area: Can be widely used in various field crops, orchards and greenhouses.
Features: 1The dripper has a self-filtering window and has good anti-clogging properties.

2. Design of turbulent flow channels with stable dripping water.

3. Large section water outlet cavity, improve anti-blocking ability.

4. Dripper spacing can choose a wide range. The

5. The built-in chip dripper has been installed in the factory, which reduces the installation dripper cost and correspondingly reduces the investment cost.

6. The length of a single pipe laying on a flat ground is more than 80 meters.

7. Good corrosion resistance.

Specification Description Diameter (mm): 12, 16 (commonly used), 20
Flow rate Water volume (L/H): 1-4
Thickness Thickness (mm): 0.2-0.9
Dripper Space Dripper Spacing (mm): 100-1000
Roll length per roll length (M/R): 2000
Working pressure: 1bar
Material: PE
Package size: Φ500mm (diameter) * 300mm (height).

drip tape drip tape factory


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