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Plastic material vertical mixer machine

Product parameters:


Plastic material vertical mixer machine

Features of plastic material vertical mixer:

  1. The use of spiral circulation stirring makes the mixing of raw materials more uniform and rapid.
  2. Stirring and drying are synchronized, as the raw material keeps flowing during the drying process, the heat penetration is uniform, the drying time is short and it is not easy to agglomerate.
  3. Suitable for mixing and mixing of various plastic raw materials and masterbatch, new and old materials and masterbatch have better mixing effect.
  4. The parts of the equipment and raw materials contacted are made of stainless steel, easy to clean, and avoid corrosion.
  5. Electronically controlled safety devices ensure safe operation.
  6. Sporal loop-mixing makes raw materials blending more uniform and faster.

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The main technical parameters of plastic material vertical mixer:

model Motor Power(KW) capacity(KW) heating power(KW) Fan power(KW) Voltage(V) Rotating speed(r/min) Equipment size(L*W*H)
BLJ-500 3 500 11 0.55 380 400 1600*1300*2400
BLJ-1000 4 1000 15 1.1 380 400 1700*1400*3000


Working principle:

The work of the vertical mixer is to use the rapid rotation of the screw to lift the raw material from the bottom of the barrel to the top, and then throw it off with an umbrella-like fly and return to the bottom, so that the raw material is tumbling up and down in the barrel and can be put in a large amount in a short time. The uniform mixing of raw materials is completed.


It takes advantage of the rapid rotation of the screw to take the materials from the central bottom to the top,and then throw the material in para-curve type way back to the bottom.It makes the raw materials stirring up and down mixed uniformly within short time.

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