Commercial Counselor of Benin and Abu Banzuo and Overseas Cooperation Committee Leaders Visit Yushen Group

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On June 19, 2017, the head of the Commercial Counselor Benjamin Abdullah Benin and the Overseas Cooperation Committee visited the Yushen Group to conduct a visit. Benin’s economic development is dominated by agriculture. It attaches great importance to the development of agriculture and water-saving irrigation. On the morning of the 19th, Mr. Wang Zhifu, chairman of Yushen Group, met with Ms. Apo Banzuo. The two sides conducted business talks based on the principle of friendly cooperation. .

At the negotiation meeting, Chairman Wang explained the importance of water-saving irrigation to Ms. Apo Banzuo, introduced the main drip irrigation methods and products, and proposed the planning and recommendations for the drip irrigation field; both parties exchanged views on this, and the meeting was held in Apo. Ms. Bian Zuo saw the company’s video data and the two parties learned from each other and exchanged ideas.

On the afternoon of the 19th, Ms. Apo Banzuo and the head of the Overseas Cooperation Committee members visited the workshop accompanied by the general manager of Yushen Group, Wang Yanqing. At the Technical Processing Center, Wang Zong patiently introduced the details and application methods of each processing technology to the guests. In the drip irrigation workshop, Wang showed the guests several main types of drip irrigation equipment, including demonstrating methods for several types of drip irrigation belts such as single-wing, insert, and cast. Later, both parties watched the drip irrigation belt production line and injection molding machine.

Finally, Chairman Wang Zhifu presented Ms. Apo Banzou with a souvenir with Chinese characteristics. Ms. Apo Banzu left the inscription for the group of rain gods.

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